We launched genealogyDOTcoach almost twelve weeks ago now.  In the last 90 days, our coaches have been hired by newbie genealogists and experienced family historians alike.  Even other professional genealogists have engaged their services for help with client work or their own family history research.  Because everyone one of us could use a little genealogy help from trusted professionals.

As we were setting goals for 2017, we went back through client reviews and made phone calls to a few of our coaches and clients to get some feedback.  We discovered that there are three main reasons why genealogy coaches are currently being called upon for their services.

genealogy help

I Need a Fresh Set of Eyes and a Professional Opinion

Sometimes we get so “in the weeds” with our own research.  A genealogy coach can offer a fresh perspective on our research, review documents for information we might have missed.  And, provide tips and suggestions for resources we might not be familiar with using.


genealogy help

I Only Have So Much Time and Money to Devote To Family History

Most of us only have so many hours a week and so many dollars a month to dedicate to this hobby.  Our hand-picked, genealogy coaches have dedicated their lives (and spent thousands of dollars in classes and training and hands on experience) to learn as much as they can about family history research.  A few minutes with one of them can save you hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars.



genealogy help

I’m Stuck and Don’t Know What To Do Next

In just a few minutes time, a genealogy coach can review your brick wall and help you craft a research plan to climb over it, go around it, or bust it down.




Are these the reasons you need a genealogy coach?

Or, is there something else we can help you with?

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