One of my favorite things about Yelp is the crowd-sourced ratings and reviews. Yelpers post details about meals I must try, salon treatments I should avoid, and therapists who will provide me with the most help. I, in turn, post my own opinions about the various services I use as I travel around the world – hotels, movies theaters, spas. That got me thinking: What if we applied that concept to professional genealogy services?

You rate them

One of the main components of genealogyDOTcoach is the ability to pick your own coach. Following your family history coaching session, you come back to your coach’s profile and leave a rating and a review. This helps the next person make a decision about who can help them with their current genealogy challenge.

Genealogists have never really opened themselves up to public ratings and reviews. For months leading up to our launch of this service, we talked to lots of professionals in the industry. Some got really excited about the concept. Others were really nervous. Guess which ones we asked to be our first group of coaches?

Eventually, we want to open this service up to any professional genealogist who wants to provide genealogy coaching services. But, to launch this business we had to decide who to include. Our first 25 coaches have been hand-selected for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons include: specialized genealogical skills, comfort with technology, and ability to interact with people over web cam in an engaging way. All 25 of them were willing to pioneer this concept of publicly rated professional genealogy services.

What are some of the pros (and cons) that you see to having the services of a professional genealogist publicly rated?


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