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Did you know there is more to your AncestryDNA test than just an Ethnicity Estimate?  Your DNA gets compared to the other 10 million people in the AncestryDNA database and you get a list of cousin matches – people you share DNA with who have a set of great-great-great-grandparents (or closer) who are the same as yours. Working with those matches and their family trees can help you learn more about your ancestors and build out your own family tree.

Schedule 15, 30, or 60 minutes with one of our DNA experts.  We will help you understand and work with your DNA results and all those cousins so you can get started making some pretty cool discoveries!

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Diahan Southard

Your DNA Guide Diahan is Your DNA Guide, where she provides personalized, interactive experiences to assist individuals and families in interpreting their genetic genealogy results.

Nicka Smith

Let's bust down those brick walls!

Nicka Smith is a professional photographer, speaker, and documentarian with more than 17 years of experience as a genealogist. She has extensive experience in African ancestored genealogy, reverse genealogy, sharing genealogy with youth, using creative ways to document the ancestral journey. See More...

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