Extreme GenesIt was great to talk to Scott Fisher and Dear Myrtle about genealogyDOTcoach recently. We love talking about the possibilities of this venture and how much help it is going to be to genealogists.

Fisher is excited about this new venture and has really caught the vision about how much this will help the genealogy Do-It-Yourselfer.  We appreciate Scott’s support and look forward to helping his listeners with their genealogy challenges.  Take a listen.  Our interview starts at the 25 minute mark but the rest of the podcast is great too! http://extremegenes.com/episode-158-using-the-fan-club-principalcluster-genealogy-coach-launches  Thanks Fish! It is always a delight to talk to you.

Dear MyrtleAnd it was delightful to be able to have two of our coaches–Valerie Elkins and Nicka Smith–join me in our discussion with Dear Myrtle. You can hear the whole session at http://blog.dearmyrtle.com/2016/10/archived-wacky-wednesday.html. True Lewis, a client who has actually booked Nicka for a session, joined us as well and like all of our users True was delighted with what she learned in her session. It was so great to talk about the great knowledge Nicka and Valerie have and how they can help. You can access their expertise at https://genealogy.coach/valerie-elkins/ and https://genealogy.coach/nicka-smith/

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