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The Perfect Genealogy Gift

It’s not too late to get that perfect gift for the genealogist in your life. (Or to drop a not so subtle hint to those in your life about what gift you might want for yourself.)

You all have that mother or that one aunt. They spend way too much time on They have purchased a couple (dozen) AncestryDNA tests and made everybody spit. They only want to talk about people who lived a hundred years (or more) ago. And, you can never quite figure out what to get them when the holidays roll around. Well, we have your back. Here are our top gift ideas for the family history buffs in your life.

Genealogy Books by the Experts

Many of our genealogy coaches are such experts that they have been asked to write the definitive books on their areas of expertise. Here are just a few of the books written by our coaches in the last couple of years. Any one of them would make a great gift.

Genealogy Coaching Sessions

If the genealogist in your life has already read the books, attended the conferences, and is still running into brick walls in their family history they can get personalized help from the experts. Give your friends and loved ones a gift certificate for a genealogy coaching session. They can use it, at their convenience, to book time with expert, professional genealogists with a variety of specialties.

AncestryDNA Kits

Is there a member of your family who hasn’t tested yet? Get them an AncestryDNA test so the genealogist in your life can work with their results to make even more family history discoveries. It’s a gift for everyone.
You don’t have to understand their obsession in order to support it. And, with one of these gifts, you are bound to be a hit!

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