This month, Coach Donna Moughty wrote about how to Plan a Genealogy Vacation in Ireland.  She also taught her readers How to Find Records Where You Least Expect Them.  To have her help you plan your own family history vacation, or help find elusive records on your family tree, hire her for a coaching session. 

Coaches George Morgan and Drew Smith actually interviewed another one of our coaches–Peggy Lauritzen last month.  You can listen to the fun and informative interview on their Genealogy Connection podcast.  Once you hear how knowledgeable and personable Peggy is, you’ll be sure to want to spend some time with her yourself and get her take on your own family history challenges.

Coach Denise Levenick is an instructor at GRIP speaking on archiving and how to preserve heirlooms in the digital age.  You can check out her post “Genealogy Institutes vs. Online Learning ” if you are interested in learning more about the in-depth instruction that goes on at an Institute.  But if you can’t make it to an institute, you can still get Densie’s expertise directly with a quick one-on-one session.. 

Coach Valerie Elkins has been organizing a Writer’s Retreat.  She has lots to teach everyone about how to capture their family stories in engaging ways. Check out Why Attend the Family History Writers Retreat and Family History Writer Retreat is More Than Just Writing, You’ll even find help with Portfolio Writing.  You may not have time to go to the retreat, but you can still book her for some one on one help.

Coach Lara Diamond has been busy following her great-great-grandmother’s half sister through three name changes and several locations in Finding Liba/Elizabeth/Lizzy-Found! and Finding Liba/Elizabeth/Lizzy (A Bit More than Before).  Remember, you can book an appointment to access Lara’s brilliant finding skills for your own family.

Congratulations is in order for Coach Lisa Alzo who has been writing her blog for 12 years.  She shared 12 lessons she’s learned from blogging this month.  She can teach you to write engaging stories about your genealogy too.  Did you know Lisa has an online genealogy writing course?  She also has a new course on the Eastern European Genealogy Research for the National Institute for Genealogical Studies.  You can read all about the writing course here and here, or you can just hire her to help you specifically with what you need on her genealogyDOTcoach page.

And Coach Nancy Barnes has written about how to write a family history book one step at a time.  Nancy can make any part of writing and publishing a family history book easy for you when you book an appointment with her. 

That’s the round up for this month.  Our amazing coaches help people all over the world climb their family trees.  They can help you with your individual research challenges today when you book an appointment withe them on our website.  Happy hunting!

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