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Please have all genealogy materials, website logins and other information you might need for your genealogy coaching session, open and accessible. You don’t want to waste session time with your coach looking for these things.

Make sure you are in a quiet area and/or have a headset for your computer. Minimize any external noise before your session begins (i.e. barking dogs, crying children, loud fans, etc.). This will ensure that your coach can hear you clearly and that you can hear your coach.

Have a notepad ready so you can take notes on the family history research directions your coach gives you during your session.

Test your computer system beforehand to make sure your internet connection, video and audio are all working properly by checking the System Compatibility Check Page.  Log in to the coaching session a few minutes early, and then, remember to click START SESSION when the countdown clock reaches zero.

Enjoy all of the great knowledge you will receive from your genealogy coach!

As a final, note: Be sure to come back to your coach’s profile page at the completion of your session and leave a review.

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