Coach Donna M Moughty has been a busy coach blogger this month.  First she reported on the Irish lectures at RootsTech in RootsTech 2018.  Then, in her post Roman Catholic Records, she talks about the new Find My Past access and explains the tricky dates you might find while comparing church records and Civil Registration.  She explains a critical Irish resource in and shows you around all of the info you would find there for your ancestor’s locality.  And then in Irish Part 2 she gives hints about separating out your ancestor from others who might have the same name.

Likewise, Coach Lara Diamond has been busy breaking down her own brick walls, and tells us about it in Taking the Diamonds Back-Another Generation.  Go Lara.  If anyone can help you break down brick walls in Jewish genealogy, it’s Lara.

Before Coach Nicka Smith took off to Benin to help Kieron connect with his ancestry and showed up on the Today show to teach Al Roker all about his history, she collected all of her RootsTech Summary into A Taste of RootsTech.   Check out all of the links to learn more about African American Genealogy, DNA and tough genealogy problems and then hire her to help you with yours.

And before Peggy Clemens Lauritzen stepped up to receive the her award as Fellow of the Ohio Genealogical Society, she blogged about the benefits of and drawbacks of Having a Public Tree and a Private Tree.  She’s been excited to find stories about her family on the public FamilySearch tree and she can help you do the same.

Coach Lisa Alzo talks about her new lecture for Women’s History Month entitled “”Silent Voices: Telling the Stories of Your Female Immigrant Ancestors” in her post Upcoming Appearance: Finding Your Female Ancestors Genealogy Lecture at Pratt Library.  If you are struggling to find some of your female ancestors like many people do, Lisa has strategies to help.

In two blog posts, “Looking to ‘triangulate’ a German origin” and “Triangulation extends Dutch line into Germany”, our Coach James Beidler gives his friend some ideas about where to extend some German research.  James then tells us what happened when the friend followed his suggestions.  You can have a similar experience with James when he shows you where to look next.

This month, Coach Blaine Bettinger wrote Heteroplasmies and Poly-Cytosine Stretches – An mtDNA Case Study. Does that sound entirely too complicated?  Yeah, we thought so as well.  That’s why you need to hire Blaine to help with your DNA discoveries.  He knows all the stuff.

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