What can a genealogy coach help you learn?  Ours teach us quite a lot.  Many of them spoke at RootsTech this month and even more of them are prolific writers.  Here’s a roundup of their blog posts from February 2018.  Do you want to have one of them spend 15 or 30 minutes looking at your genealogy brick wall with you?  Would you like a quick consult on your DNA results?  Click the link at the bottom of the post to learn more about how to schedule a genealogy coaching session.


Coach James Beidler wrote about all the things you can do beyond the ethnicity estimates for DNA in DNA testing in Do it–but not just for ethnicity estimates.  He also tells about a DNA success story in Reader Relates DNA Success Story where a reader even found family photos he didn’t know existed.

Maureen shows you how to do a Photo Audit in A Photo Full of Mystery.  She looks at the story outside the frame for support of her conclusions.  She can help you identify your photos too with a Genealogy.Coach appointment.

Janet shared an exciting find of a note from her Grandfather in A Gift from Grandpa.  She also shows off 32 amazing family history charts that were her 2018 favorites in Best of the Year.

Donna has some great tips for Irish research in Important Irish Genealogy Websites Part I, Part II and Part III.  She sure knows her Irish research and she can put new eyes on your particular research problem when you hire her on her Genealogy.Coach.

You don’t have to be a blogger to write about the women in your family history and Lisa Alzo’s Fearless Females blog posts prompts will help.  You can check them out in her post Fearless Females Blogging Prompts Series Returns for 2018!

Nancy has some great ideas that can help you save time and money publishing your own family history book in 4 Ways to Save Money Publishing Your Short-Run Book.  And she can help you keep your image clean from copyright errors by following her post in Can I Use That Image in My Book. 

And Lara shares an amazing document for anyone who had ancestors in what was Poland in 1926 in Polish Schoolchildren’s Signatures. Check it out and you might find the childhood signature of one of your relatives.  Lara has been doing quite a bit of lecturing on DNA and Endogamy–a tricky subject to be sure and she also shares her experience researching in endogamy in Some Day I’ll Find It, The Mitchneck Connection: Using Lazarus to Predict Relationships.

Denise gives some great suggestions for archiving and saving your heirlooms for future generations in 5 Things To Do Right Now to Save Your Family Heirlooms.  She can help you get organized and make sure everything is taken care of well too if you work with her as a Genealogy Coach.

You may have missed RootsTech, the worlds largest genealogy conference that happened this last month, but Valerie has you covered with great ideas for your next genealogy conference in Top 7 Insider Tips and Secrets to Survive and Thrive at RootsTech.  She is well respected in the industry and served as a RootsTech Ambassador.

And last but certainly not least, Peggy Lauritzen shows of her amazing skills with burned courthouses inc More Than One County Seat…in the Same County?  This is just one of the ways she does that dancing around brick walls. Another is with her treasure trove of websites including one she uses to construct timelines in All That Sarah Saw and another for mapping in Be Sure To Look Next Door.  She also wrote about her Revolutionary War ancestor by the name of “Smith” this month in Randal and Sarah/Sally Fulkerson Smith; A Long Life and a Sad Tale.  If you need help with a common surname or a brick wall, Peggy is the one to turn to.


Want to schedule a session with a genealogy coach for a quick consult on your own family history?  You can sign up for a 15, 30, or 60 minute phone call or video call.  Check out our complete list of coaches and their availability.


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