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The Yelp of Professional Genealogy Services

One of my favorite things about Yelp is the crowd-sourced ratings and reviews. Yelpers post details about meals I must try, salon treatments I should avoid, and therapists who will provide me with the most help. I, in turn, post my own opinions about the various...

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What Do Genealogy and Minecraft Have in Common?

My nephews spend hours watching strangers on the internet play video games. It seems so silly to me. Why not just play the game yourself? Why not ask for help when you get stuck? Why not read the instructions? Comedian Jimmy Kimmel seems just as confused by the...

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The Great Need for Genealogy Coaching

I used to be a full-time genealogy researcher. People would hire me for 10 or 20 hours at a time to do their family history research for them. Sometimes they wanted me to do it all and would come back over and over. Sometimes they just wanted help with a certain...

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